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Capital Strategic Management and Risk Mitigation, coupled with cost control Intelligence.


Credit Union Internal Audit Services

Outsourcing or co-sourcing the internal audit functions of your credit union provides for a valuable solution. Given the ever changing dynamics of the regulatory environment of financial institutions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for credit unions to maintain highly trained internal auditors who are well-versed in all aspects of the operations. An effective Internal Audit team consists of a diversified mix of skills, ranging from the junior resource needed for the more straightforward “box-checking” regulatory scope right up to senior niche risk specialists. 

We offer a wide variety of internal audit services. Outsourcing or co-sourcing your internal audit with JPL & Smith will allow you to execute projects effectively and with the depth of knowledge and non-biased approach that management requires.

Our internal audit group is composed of professionals who have been on both sides of the table and understand that identifying risks is only the first step; what financial institutions need from their auditors is a pragmatic, innovative solution.

Advanced Strategic Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management often begins with effective Time Risk Management.   Changes in the dynamics of banking often require re-tooling of balance sheet management techniques to gear your credit union for continuous profitability whiles't mitigating Interest Rate, Liquidity and Transaction Risks.  While many will state having too many concentration risks identified in relationship to total net worth dollars can constitute a problem, this can actually identify a niche that drives the profitability of your credit union and you may not want it to fall by the way side. JPL & Smith can help you identify potential shortfalls well in advance.  Whether you need simple stress testing, Net Worth Restoration Planning, Merger Due Diligence, or even assistance restoring your credit union to full profitability, we can help you develop and execute a successful plan.

Cost Cutting Maintenance

While vendor due diligence is critical.  Do you feel that sometimes you are overpaying for many of your outsourced services? There are many services that may save you a significant amount of money to help you improve your return on asset.  One area often overlooked is in insurance products.  Many credit unions are paying too much money for their employee benefits but have options that will save them an arm and a leg on their monthly premiums.  We can help identify cost savings in your employee benefit plans and even process changes in your group health insurance and complete 1031 exchanges on your executive retirement life or CUOLI (Credit Union Owned Life Insurance) premiums.  Do you offer 401(k) or 457(f) plans to your employees? Would you like a performance evaluation and options review for additional options? 

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Credit Union Consulting


Our Group


JPL & Smith LLC is a group of accounting and advisory services consultants with a  single focus; to serve our clients by helping them face the toughest decisions.  We specialize in 3 Key business areas: Accounting, Business Advisory, and Insurance.

The primary aim of our website is to provide you with insights into the thinking that drives our group.   You will find information about how we see the global economy,the local economy, our insights into capital budgeting, asset/liability management modeling, and our enterprise risk management methodologies.  There is also information on our people, our products, and our history.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about the JPL & Smith, philosophy, ideas and culture.  Please feel free to share any thoughts with us via our Contact Us Form.


JPL & Smith LLC


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